Zenith Homepage

Greetings from the Zenith Staff!

Zenith Rehabilitation LLC is a private therapy practice that opened in 2018 to provide quality occupational, physical, and speech language services to families in eastern Jackson county and surrounding communities. Our goal is to restore the client's functionality to its maximum potential.

Zenith provides Occupational, Physical, and Speech testing and treatment services for all ages from infant through senior. Our concentration is on pediatric care, addressing the needs of children (0-18) who are identified as developmentally delayed or have specific needs for medical intervention. We work with local primary care providers, schools, and other pediatric organizations to achieve the goals set for clientele. However, Zenith does not believe that families should be turned away when in need of adult care. Our providers are experienced in working across the age spectrum to treat the whole family.

  • Providers have the greatest medical specialist training/education, experiences, and certification to give maximum assessment and treatments possible.
  • Providers will act with integrity to provide quality services to all populations.
  • Treat all clientele with dignity regardless of race, creed, religion, or circumstance.